Sunday Program (15.10.2017)

Third Sunday of October is coming, and this time we host someone special!

How is your catholic life in Denmark? Is it similar to your homeland, or completely different? Well, everyone of us has already got some view on it as a regular “first-line” Church member. However, our guest, Niels Engelbrecht, is going to talk to us about

Catholicism in DK from a very different perspective. Niels is namely the “Vicarius Generalis” in the diocesy – it practice, he is Bishop’s “right hand man”. So, we are going to hear about the works and organisation of the Diocesy, what has been happening in the last decades, etc. As usually, there will be a Q&A session and a portion of delicious food for all of you!

Here is an agenda for the evening:

5.00-5.40 pm – music rehearsal in the Church

5.15-5.45 pmconfession (Fr. Pawel; English, Danish and Polish; or other day by appointment)

5.40 pm – Rosary in the Church

6 pmHoly Mass

7 pmDinner (We will kindly ask for a voluntary contribution towards the food costs. Your are also welcome to bring something to share 🙂 )

8 pm – Meeting with Niels Engelbrecht from the Diocesy of Denmark

9 pm – End of the meeting (officially only 🙂 )

First time joining us? The Church is located at Jagtvej 183D, 2100 Østerbro.

Upcoming events in brief:

• Every Tuesday – evening mass at 7.15 pm followed by adoration

• Every Sunday in October – Rosary before the Mass (5.40pm)

• Weekend 27-29 October – visiting Catholic student group “Mount Tabor” in Aarhus