Sunday program (01.10.2017)

Autumn has arrived, but CAYAC never gives up to sadness – we will have a really active Sunday!

Have you ever wondered how to share yourself with people in need that live here, in Copenhagen? Whatever your answer is, Denmark seems the happiest country in the world, but there are a lot of problems that are not publicly displayed.

As a group of young catholics, we want to help the Danish society, as Jesus told us. A perfect opportunity to discover charity needs in Copenhagen area comes this Sunday, since CAYAC will host Josefine Sochacki, a member of Danish Caritas. She will briefly introduce the organisation and open a short discussion panel on charity at Caritas. Don’t worry, we won’t discuss with empty stomachs – before the meeting some Polish specialties will await you 😀

Here is an agenda for the evening:

5.00-5.40 pm – music rehearsal in the Church

5.15-5.45 pmconfession (Fr. Pawel; English, Danish and Polish; or other day by appointment)

5.40 pm – Rosary in the Church

6 pmHoly Mass

7 pmDinner (We will kindly ask for a voluntary contribution towards the food costs. Your are also welcome to bring something to share 🙂 )

8 pm – Meeting with Josefine Sochacki from Caritas Denmark

9 pm – End of the meeting (officially only 🙂 )

First time joining us? The Church is located at Jagtvej 183D, 2100 Østerbro.

Upcoming events in brief:

• Every Tuesday – evening mass at 7.15 pm followed by adoration

• Weekend: 6-8 October – weekend trip to Sweden

• Weekend 27-29 October – visiting friends from Mount Tabor in Aarhus