Making friends in Aarhus :)

CAYAC is going to visit Mount Tabor (MT) in Aarhus. Come with us and get to know people from the befriended community in Jutland. We will spend some nice time together praying, sightseeing, cooking, talking and more.

We go there by cars. So, we have 16 places in total. MT provides the accommodation either in parish buildings or in people’s houses. Remember to take your sleeping bag.

Cost: 100 DKK per person (transportation) + some expenses for foodstuffs in Aarhus. Bring money in cash to the place of the departure.

We depart from Copenhagen on October 27th at 5 pm from this place.

We leave Aarhus on October 29th at 10 am from this place.

CAYAC provides two cars, MT accommodation and program for Saturday,
we cook together, and you take care for the rest 🙂

Book a place here as soon as possible. Then, you won’t miss it 🙂