Sunday Programme (04.03.2018)

We invite you to celebrate the Holy Mass with us on the coming Sunday (March 4th) and afterwards join us for dinner and a talk by fr. Daniel Nørgaard.

How can we live the Lenten season in a way so we actually get closer to God? On which areas should we try to improve in Lent?

Our agenda for Sunday 4th of March:

5 pm – Music rehearsal

5:15 pm – Confession available with Fr. Daniel Nørgaard (in English, Danish and Italian)

6 pm – Holy Mass (Fr. Daniel Nørgaard will say the Mass for us)

7 pm – Dinner and talk by fr. Daniel

We kindly ask for a contribution towards the dinner expenses.

First time joining us? The Church is located at Jagtvej 183D, 2100 Østerbro.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there.

Always yours,

CAYAC team