Invitation to Christmas dinner – 16th December

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Dear Friends,

In keeping with our annual tradition, we hereby cordially invite you to our biggest event of the year – CAYAC’s Christmas dinner on Saturday, 16th December.

We have had an amazing and eventful year at CAYAC and would like to celebrate this joy with you, our CAYAC family! Please feel welcome and bring a friend along if you like.

CAYACs Christmas dinner is always special: as we come from different places, we prepare traditional dishes from our home towns and add to it an element of Danish hygge. Then, a little Christmas miracle always happens: everything we make comes together as delicious dishes so complimentary – as if it was planned that way from the start.

But, we cannot do this alone, so feel very welcome to contribute to the shopping/cooking/decoration party. You can, for example, bring a traditional dish from your home country. If you would like to help but do not know what to do, send an email to or We appreciate extra hands!

CAYAC kitchen survives on your voluntary contributions. We therefore would ask for a contribution of 50DKK towards Christmas dinner food expenses, if possible (we have a mobilepay option). Also, if you would like to donate a bit extra to cover the costs of another, that is also very much appreciated.

Agenda for the evening:

  • 2PM: Arrangement/Shopping party meets in front of st. Augustins church
  • 6 PM: Special Advent mass. Details at
  • 7 PM: Christmas dinner begins

Address: St. Augustins Church, Jagtvej 183D, 2100 Copenhagen

Looking forward to seeing you there!

If you have problems getting in the church contact Paulius at 52 22 32 09 or Vandy at 91 66 67 44.