Come and join us for Adoration on Saturday
(November 25th)  between 5-6pm.

At the same time, there are going to be Adoration in a lot of different places all over Europe, but mostly in Hungary. The 52th International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) is organized  in Budapest in 2020.

But Hungarians start preparing for it now. The first year of the preparation is about our soul and how can we have a stronger relationship with God. At different places but during a given time we are going to pray together that we may recognize and grow in the love of Christ presents in the Eucharist, who handed himself over for us!

The organisers would like to know how many people will pray “together” but the registration page is in Hungarian. If you would like to register:

1.      Csatlakozom
2.      Név = name
Helyszín választása = choose the place. Here you can find: København Ø (2100) – Sankt Augustins Kirke
4.      Kor = age
5.      You need to accept the privacy policy to click „Elfogadom az Adatvédelmi Szabályzatbanfoglaltakat és magamra kötelezőnek ismerem el.*”
6.      If you click this than we can know that you are going to come: „Hozzájárulok, hogy a következő jogi személy részére adataim továbbításra kerüljenek (a helyi szervezést segíti): Catholic Association of Young Adults in Copenhagen”
7.      Do not click if you would not like to get Hungarian letters! „Szeretnék első kézből értesülni a NEK híreiről. Feliratkozom a hírlevélre.”

Come and join to even if you are not registered!