Sunday Guests (24.02)

Dear CAYACers,

This Sunday (24.02) we will enjoy the company of  4 Danish girls: Valentine Parnas, Pernille Aagren, Mie Adrian and Emma Lange, who study antropology at KU and will share with us their project work and experience from the travel to Catholic Universities in Poland. An interesting sharing and a delicious dinner – stay after the Mass!

The programme for Sunday:

17:00-17:55 Choir rehearsal

17:15-17:45 Confession with Fr. Paweł Beń (ENG/DK/PL)

18:00-19:00 Holy Mass (Fr. Paweł Beń)

19:00 Dinner and meeting with our guests


We would be very grateful for your contribution toward the food expenses (maybe 20-30kr).

See you!