Sunday Guest on March 17th, 2019


A brief introduction by Eva Henriksen to the young, Basque nobleman and his conversion and to his teaching about discernment of the spirits with a focus on the central parts. And why it is still important.

We all know to discern but are we conscious about what we do? My wish is to give others words and awareness of that so that discernment can be a more deliberate choice.

This will rather be a spiritual presentation than an intellectual one as discerning mostly is a matter of the heart.

Eva’s knowledge comes from several Ignatian retreats including the Spiritual Exercises. She found discernment fascinating and studied it to learn more. As she later wanted to share this understanding with others she has now studied it with that purpose. As a Lutheran she finds Ignatius’ teaching a very important supplement to Martin Luther’s teaching about the same. She has an education as a teacher for adults.

Venue: Jagtvej 183D, Copenhagen
Time: Sunday, March 17th, 8 pm