Sunday Guest on April 7th, 2019

“If you would ask me what is the most exciting and thrilling moment of the year, my answer is very simple – Paschal Triduum. Come and join me in one of the most fascinating stories I could ever tell you in my life. Let’s talk about Paschal Triduum.” (Piotr Jabłoński SJ)

Venue: Jagtvej 183D, Copenhagen
Time: Sunday, April 7th, 8 pm

Stations of the Cross

Accompany Jesus on the path of passion which brings you to resurrection. Let the Lord lead you through your own dark valley towards broad horizons. Defeat the fear of suffering and death together with Him who is our life. Come and participate in the Stations of the Cross.

Venue: Jagtvej 183D, Copenhagen
Time: Friday, March 22th, 5 pm and Friday, April 5th, 5 pm

Sunday Guest on March 17th, 2019


A brief introduction by Eva Henriksen to the young, Basque nobleman and his conversion and to his teaching about discernment of the spirits with a focus on the central parts. And why it is still important.

We all know to discern but are we conscious about what we do? My wish is to give others words and awareness of that so that discernment can be a more deliberate choice.

This will rather be a spiritual presentation than an intellectual one as discerning mostly is a matter of the heart.

Eva’s knowledge comes from several Ignatian retreats including the Spiritual Exercises. She found discernment fascinating and studied it to learn more. As she later wanted to share this understanding with others she has now studied it with that purpose. As a Lutheran she finds Ignatius’ teaching a very important supplement to Martin Luther’s teaching about the same. She has an education as a teacher for adults.

Venue: Jagtvej 183D, Copenhagen
Time: Sunday, March 17th, 8 pm

Sunday Agape on March 17th, 2019

‘Agape’ means love. The early Christians used this word to describe a common meal when they celebrated God’s love towards them and fellowship among themselves. It isn’t a bygone practice.

Stay after Sunday Mass and experience the spirit of friendship and belonging while eating a meal prepared for you by cayacers. We kindly ask you to help us with covering the costs of foodstuffs. The average amount per person is 25 kr. You can either bring cash or transfer money via MobilePay.

At some point you may be bored by only receiving food and want to cook for others, be a kitchenhand or potlucker. If so contact to get more practical information about how it works.

Venue: Jagtvej 183D, Copenhagen
Time: Sunday, March 17th, 7 pm

Summer School in Cracow

Dear Students,

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the cultural project Summer School organized by the Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow from 1stJuly to 27th July 2019.

Why is it worth participating?

interesting programme: classes devoted to the Polish culture, Polish language workshops and sightseeing tours of Krakow and its surroundings will allow the participants to get to know the culture of ancient and contemporary Poland

fabulous place: Krakow – the seat of Polish kings and the cultural capital of Poland, the city full of an antique charm, the bishop’s capital of St John Paul II – is an ideal destination to organise this kind of enterprise

– students will be able to obtain 9 ECTS credits


–          preliminary registration by 28th March 2019

–          final registration by 31st May 2019

Further information on the programme can be found on our websites: as well as in the attached flyer.

In case of any questions related to our summer school, please do not hesitate to contact: 

We are looking forward to seeing you in Krakow!


Ignatian Retreat in Daily Life – Lent 2019


These Ignatian Retreat in Daily Life is for you, if…

…you desire a personal encounter with God through the Scriptures,
…you are an English-speaking young adult,
…you are not too busy at your studies or work,
…you do not need to travel during the retreat,
…you can pray daily at least half an hour for four weeks,
…you are willing to share your experiences with a spiritual guide once a week.

March 17th– April 14th, 2019

Saint Augustine’s Church, Jagtvej 183D, Copenhagen

Click here, if you want to register.
The deadline for registration is Thursday, March 14th , 8 pm.

If you have any questions, write to

Sunday Guests (24.02)

Dear CAYACers,

This Sunday (24.02) we will enjoy the company of  4 Danish girls: Valentine Parnas, Pernille Aagren, Mie Adrian and Emma Lange, who study antropology at KU and will share with us their project work and experience from the travel to Catholic Universities in Poland. An interesting sharing and a delicious dinner – stay after the Mass!

The programme for Sunday:

17:00-17:55 Choir rehearsal

17:15-17:45 Confession with Fr. Paweł Beń (ENG/DK/PL)

18:00-19:00 Holy Mass (Fr. Paweł Beń)

19:00 Dinner and meeting with our guests


We would be very grateful for your contribution toward the food expenses (maybe 20-30kr).

See you!


Theology of the Body in


What does it mean to be made human, male and female, in the image and likeness of God? How can I live my life in a way that brings happiness and fulfillment?

Learn why the redemption of our sexuality is the key to happiness. Develop a “new lens” through which to see the world with greater clarity. See how God’s mystery is revealed through the body and spousal love. Discover the truth behind the lies of lust and pornography and how they can be overcome. Learn the language of sexual love, and much more.

First meeting on Thursday, March 7th, at 7 pm at Sankt Kjelds Gade 3 (basement). You can also join us for the Mass at 6 pm in Saint Augustine’s Church.


Seize the opportunity to become a future European leader. This February, JESC will offer ten fellowships to young and committed Europeans. The ELP will be able to cover eighty percent of the cost.​ Due date for application is February 8th