Kick-off the new academic year

Hey CAYAC’ers! Time to start the new academic year, so let’s do it properly! This time we are going to a CASTLE! Incredible family decided to host us for that special day in a beautiful place with chapel, lots of outdoor spaces and exciting history. Bring food to share, games to play and good humor. We promise good fun!

We are waiting for you. Yes, you! Espescially very welcome are the newcomers who heard about CAYAC for the first time. No worries, we will take care of you

To sign up, you MUST send email to and transfer 25 DKK to MobilePay +45 22 46 18 76 (Pawel Ben) before Saturday, August 31st. That would cover operational costs and transportation.

NOTE: Transport depends on the amount of people attending the event. Therefore we may ask for extra contribution afterwards in order to cover the costs. Thank you for your understanding.

approx. 9:30 – departure from st. Augustin church

11:00 – Holy Mass

12:00 – outdoor picnic

13:30 – inspiration

14:00 – rosary in the woods

14:30 – walk/hiking in the woods/sightseeing/free time

15:30 – teambuilding games

17:00 – departure

approx. 18:00 – arrival in st. Augustin church

Afterparty optional. 😉

Stay tuned!