Due to increasing cases of COVID-19 in Denmark, Sankt Augustins Kirke introduces a requirement to wear masks during all services, including CAYAC Sunday masses. It means that you need to have a mask on your face all the time when you are in the church. The only moment when you don’t need to do that is when you consume received communion. Please, bring your own masks. If somebody happens not to have his own, it is possible to buy one for 5 kr. (Only MobilePay: Pawel Ben, 22 46 18 76) at the entrance before CAYAC Sunday mass.

We introduce this requirement also partly because four Jesuits from Copenhagen were visiting their fellows in Aarhus last Thursday, September 24th, and, then, got to know that one of the fathers had been in contact with a person who got sick. The risk that I am infected is close to zero, but I want to take all possible safety measures, especially during our mass on the upcoming Sunday, September 27th. Don’t be surprised if a lay man is distributing communion to you on that Sunday.

On using face masks: https://www.sst.dk/en/English/Corona-eng/Face-masks?fbclid=IwAR0NToBTCgrGvnXRe3ESB2xgwNVScJDVdLOJ8IlD6QhbqwmV3RdGgbN5vHw.

Fr Paweł Beń SJ